black and white portrait:        60,00 Euro (+ 7% VAT)
color portrait:                               80,00 Euro (+7% VAT)
The price depends on the number of subjects. For every +1 subject (f.e. couple, pet & owner, family portrait) I add 50 Euro since every person/pet adds a significant amount of time to the painting process. 
I do the invoice process through Paypal.

I paint digitally, the image file you receive via download link usually is a png or jpg file. Regarding size, Photoshop provides all the formats. I usually work on a A3 canvas (11-3/4 * 16-1/1 inches or 297 * 420 mm) but I can easily adapt to the size that suits your needs.
For commissions I normally choose 300 dpi and CMYK because that’s ideal for printing unless you specifically want to choose something else.

I paint realistic portraits that still have a painterly vibe to it. That said if you’d like a specific style or a detail in the painting that is important to you let me know and I will try my best to fullfill those wishes.
I usually take about 5 to 7 days to finish a painting, if I would need more time for any reason I’d let you know as soon as possible of course.

If you would like to order a portrait, please send a mail with a reference photo to
Thank you for showing interest in my art.
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